Including a Year-Round Pond in Your Landscape Design in Novelty, OH

If you have entertained the idea of installing a pond into your Novelty, OH, landscape, but hesitate because of the extra work it will create, think again! Including a year-round pond on your property requires very little work for the added beauty it brings. 

Benefits of Ponds

Including a Year-Round Pond in Your Landscape Design in Novelty, OH

While it is clear that a pond brings calm beauty to any landscape, there are multiple other benefits to consider. Gazing at a serene pond where the fish are darting for food and the butterflies are flitting has been shown to measurably reduce blood pressure. People report feeling less anxious when near water as the sounds and reflections bring calm. 

Many health conditions such as heart issues and circulation problems can be improved with the addition of a pond because walking out each day to check on the fish helps to promote movement and a better frame of mind. The pretty reflections of the trees and clouds are calming, especially when you make the time to sit nearby for a while. And, finally, a pond brings a lovely focal point to your landscape that you will never tire of viewing.

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What a Pond Installation Looks Like

Pretty much any size property can become home to a year-round pond. Your landscape contractor has the equipment and expertise to dig a pond to a significant depth if you desire. A smaller yard generally could not handle a very deep pond, but you only need a few inches of water to create a little oasis. A larger yard has more space and is more likely able hold a deeper pond, and even one with a happy, little waterfall. 

Your landscape professionals will come to your home and evaluate the size of the pond that fits your terrain well, while also discussing the additional features that you might enjoy along with the pond. Once the hole is dug, they will install a pond base material to protect the pond’s interior. Covering that with a liner similar to a pool liner, they will then begin adding decorative landscape rocks and stones to the outside perimeter to help your pond blend with the environment. 

They will mount a pond filter and a water pump to clean the algae from the pond so that you don’t have to go out and skim the crud from the water. This makes the long-term maintenance much easier. 

Once your pond has been built, then you can add water plants, decorative stones, and anything else that will make the pond uniquely yours. 

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Consider a Waterfall

Because the pond water recirculates in a waterfall feature, you won’t have to worry about adding water every day. And a waterfall can be as large or small as you wish for your year-round pond. The beauty of a waterfall is the sound of the water that you can hear from anywhere in your yard. This type of water feature simply creates a peaceful, meditative atmosphere that you will gravitate toward to spend the bulk of your outdoor time. 

Any waterfall can have lighting, as well, to illuminate the pond and falling water after the sun goes down. That could be a dazzling addition to your nighttime landscape.