Beautiful Water Features to Include in Your Pepper Pike, OH, Landscape Design

Beautiful Water Features to Include in Your Pepper Pike, OH, Landscape Design

Everyone knows that the sounds of water are soothing and create a sense of tranquility, so why not think about adding a water feature to your landscape? A swimming pool, Pond or waterfall could be just what your landscape is missing. Whether you have a small or huge Pepper Pike, OH, backyard, there is a water feature that could be perfect for your landscape design.

Reflecting Pool

As a shallow pool for gazing and reflection, a reflecting pool can be recessed into the ground near a patio or it could be constructed in an elevated shape as part of the patio. Such pools sometimes have small jets to stir the water quietly, or they can have no moving water at all for a completely still effect. One of the beautiful benefits of a reflecting pool is that they reflect the trees and other natural features nearby. If calm and quiet is what you seek, a reflective pool might fill the bill.

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A Waterfall

The appeal of a small waterfall is that it can become part of a small courtyard patio or be set in a natural landscape bed of a stately home. Small waterfalls can be incorporated into an unused corner or a privacy wall with ease. Just walking outside in the morning with your coffee can start the day off right as you are soothed by the sound of trickling water. Often, too, bees and butterflies visit the plants around a water feature, so you can truly enjoy more of the natural beauty that a waterfall adds to your landscape.

A Waterfall with Pond

If you love the idea of a waterfall but want to have more of a unique feature to admire, then a waterfall that spills into a pond could be just what you seek. What looks like a natural stream on your property is actually just part of a water feature that has running water spilling over pretty landscape rocks to land in a pond of any size.

As the stream and waterfall become more established, bright green moss can develop to increase the natural appeal. The pond, surrounded by sturdy landscape stones, might boast lily pads and cattails and other water-loving plants to draw the wonderful sights and sounds of birds, bees, and butterflies. You could add goldfish for extra fun—think about how excited your children would be to feed their fish each day.

Accented by colorful annual and perennial blooming flowers, a waterfall with a pond could be an amazing addition to your landscape design.

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Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is perhaps one of the ultimate water features that you could incorporate into your landscape. Pools come in many sizes, so there is an option that would fit your property perfectly. In addition, you could add a water feature that spills into the pool for full enjoyment of swimming on a hot day, along with the delightful sounds of flowing water.

The dream of incorporating the sounds and sights of water in your landscape design begins with a discussion with a full-service landscape specialist who can help you choose the ideal water feature for your property.