3 Landscape Design Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy in Novelty, OH

A fully developed outdoor living space is a wonderful addition to your home. But you definitely want to make sure that you have some privacy so that neighbors can’t see what’s going on at your Novelty, OH, house. Better landscape designs can add more privacy to your space so that you won’t have to worry about who can see you. Here are three landscape design ideas for creating more privacy for your backyard.

Cover Up with a Natural Canopy

3 Landscape Design Ideas for Better Backyard Privacy in Novelty, OH

Trees have long been valued for their ability to add a wealth of privacy to a property. The can provide privacy from all angles, meaning no matter where your neighbors are, they won’t be able to see you on the other side of a full, leafy mature tree. If you don’t have any mature trees on your property, you could plant some young saplings as soon as possible. Even young trees can provide a fair amount of coverage, and you’d be surprised at how fast they grow. Plant a few trees close to the outer perimeter of your property, but not so far out that they grow over your neighbors’ property. Within a couple of years, you’ll have some nice shady areas and a good amount of privacy from all angles.

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Protection with a Private Pergola

A pergola can be a stylish way to add major privacy to a backyard patio or outdoor dining space. Consisting of four legs and a roof-like structure usually composed of wood slats, a pergola provides a bit of shade as well as aerial privacy. This means neighbors with higher elevation can’t see you. For a nice accent, consider having vining plants placed in containers near the base of the pergola, and watch foliage and flowers grow all over it, for a beautiful, naturalized look. This effect creates even more privacy as the vining plants soak up the sun and take some of the attention away from you and your guests. It’s a great option for people with limited space for other modes of privacy like large trees.

Set the Boundary Through Fencing

Fences are a natural go-to feature for privacy, but not everyone likes the look of them. For those who want a fence but aren’t inclined toward a wood, synthetic, or metal fence, you could plant one! A fence can be constructed out of tall plants, shrubs, or trees, and it will add lots of privacy without a man-made border. Consider a border of evergreen trees, like thuja, juniper, or holly. These stay green year-round and look beautiful when covered with snow in the winter. Holly also adds an element of security as their prickly leaves keep unwanted guests from sneaking through. There are tons of options for a natural border, but no matter which option you pick, it would be an environmentally-friendly choice for adding beauty to your landscape and giving you the privacy you need.

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Privacy is an important element of any outdoor living space and adds value to your home. Whether it is with a pergola, a canopy of trees, or a green border, your options for a landscape design that prioritizes privacy abound.