Improve Your Front Yard with the Proper Landscape Lighting in Hudson, OH

Drawing attention to your Hudson, OH, property’s front yard and exterior design in the later parts of the day requires a well thought out landscape lighting plan. Done right, strategically placed lights can add to the value and attraction of your property. In addition to improving the curb appeal of your home, a quality lighting plan can also make your yard safer and more functional.

Highlighting Your Requirements

Improve Your Front Yard with the Proper Landscape Lighting in Hudson, OH

Any good lighting plan starts with an in-depth consultation with your landscape contractor about the goals you wish to accomplish. Is it purely for safety reasons, or do you prioritize a particular look and feel for your lighting as well? An important part of this conversation is specifying which features of your yard you feel are worth highlighting at night. You can also specify other expectations you have for your landscape lighting project, such as improving the lighting for gathering areas and improving the security and safety of your front yard. A landscape professional’s opinion can also help the both of you come up with new creative ideas to maximize the gains from landscape lighting.

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Lighting Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living rooms such as patios, dining areas, and outdoor kitchens are among the most valuable parts of a landscape. With proper lighting, you can not only draw attention to them but also maximize their usage at night. Overhead lighting is the ideal option if you want to light up areas with flat surfaces such as tables and counters. For areas adjoining a wall, wall sconces are a great option too. You can even give your patio the feel of an outdoor living room with outdoor floor lamps. Recessed lighting can also be integrated into masonry such as sitting or retaining walls, to provide ambient lighting that’s not too dazzling for the occupants.

Highlighting Features with Spotlights and Uplighting

Striking landscape design features such as fireplaces, water features, and structures should be a focal point of your lighting plan. Spotlights could be the answer here as they provide a focused beam. Uplighting can achieve a similar effect, especially if you aim to highlight the vertical features of your landscape design such as trees and textured walls.

Uplighting is also widely used to light up the front facade of homes, to bring their exterior design into prominence during the dark hours. For textured walls, you can use a lighting technique called wall grazing where the uplight is placed close to the wall to create shadows and highlight textures. To achieve a smoother effect, you can use a technique called wallwashing, which tends to be used for large surfaces. The location and distance of the uplight are vitally important in this landscape lighting strategy.

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Driveway and Path Lighting

Hardscape elements such as walkways and driveways are notable elements of your landscape that require a dedicated lighting solution. Small, closely placed path lights are in vogue for modern landscapes and would give your walkways a very distinct outline while being very subtle. For more traditional landscapes, larger lamppost styles lights can be utilized. Path lighting is also important for a security perspective and can be strategically used to eliminate dark areas in your front yard. Lastly, they also are important for guiding people and vehicles safely along their route.