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Walkways and Pathways As Stylishly Designed As They Are Durably Installed.

Walkways not only serve the functional purpose of establishing distinguished pathways throughout your property. When designed and installed by experienced professionals like us, your hardscape walkways can add beauty to your landscape design and market value to your home. We at J.F.D. Landscapes understand how to strike this delicate balance – and when you work with us, your landscape design benefits. 


Whether you need a walkway installed where an existing one is or you’re looking to add new or additional walkways to your landscape design, our highly trained designers, technicians, and craftsmen will work together, and with you, to create and install pathway features that more than exceed your expectations. 

First, our design team will meet with you to understand exactly what you’re looking for, like where you want your walkways to lead and how they’ll be used. They’ll also help you decide what materials to construct your walkways with. We work with stone, which adds a natural yet refined touch. We work with brick, which heightens a home’s rustic appeal. And, as an Authorized Unilock Contractor, we work with Unilock brick pavers to offer a wide-range of stylistic choices for added flexibility and customizability. We understand that the options can be overwhelming, so our designers will guide you in finding an option that complements your landscape design while fitting your budget. 

Then, we’ll survey your property, as the topography of your land will influence the way we layout your walkways – some could be straight, others could be a winding walkway, all based on your lands’ natural features and existing landscaping design. 

And finally, once you’re 100% happy with the walkway design, we’ll bring our skilled installation technicians in to put the plan into action – and they’ll do so with unmatched efficiency and professionalism. 

As quickly as possible, without sacrificing an ounce of quality or durability, we’ll have installed beautiful walkways and pathways around your home – enhancing the enjoyment of your outdoor living space and increasing the value of your home. 



Sure, we take pride in our work. But what we pride ourselves on most is making our customers happier with their landscape design or lawn care program than they thought possible. Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs: Testimonials


Our crews are made up of true craftsmen, not just skilled workers. Because we believe it takes more than technique to create the perfect landscape design. That’s why we only hire the most professional and passionate candidates to join our team. 


We primarily work in the areas of Moreland Hills, Auburn Center, Novelty, Gates Mills, Twinsburg, Shaker Heights, Beachwood, Mayfield Heights, Solon, Aurora, & Hudson. But we're always open to new projects and opportunities in neighboring areas.


We’ve been in the landscaping and lawn care industry for decades. We started out working in the field as laborers. Now, as owners of a landscape contractor business, we truly understand what it takes to get the job done right.


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My husband and I are glad we are customers of your landscaping services. The professionalism and customer service from everyone in your organization is exceptional. Thank you!
— EMS of Russell

I know there are a lot of good landscape companies and it’s hard to choose. But no one is going to give you bad references or show you poor photos of their work. J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. offers you one thing that no one else can, me, Joe Drake. I am President of J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. and no one will be more focused on making sure you get the quality and value you paid for, I guarantee it.

Thank you for the opportunity to become your landscape contractor. I appreciate it.

-Joe Drake