Complete & Expert Snow Removal Services For Homeowners in Northeast Ohio.

Ohio winters can be hard on the psyche. As if you don’t already have enough to do, Mother Nature can wreak havoc with heavy snowstorms that make you worry about getting to work and ensuring safe access to your home.

J.F.D. Landscapes offers snow removal services to take the hassle out of winter. We stay on top of the weather so that we’re always ready to dig you out! Not only will we plow your driveway, we also take exceptional care in putting plowed snow where it won’t damage your landscaping, vehicles, or property. Our unparalleled customer service means you get fast, responsive, and professional snow removal when you need it.


Whether you want help with just the biggest storms or would prefer to let us handle all of your snow removal needs throughout the season, our expert team is here to help. We are serious about helping you enjoy winter. So go out, build a snowman, and leave the snow removal to us!

When Mother Nature does her best to snow you in, the snow removal experts at J.F.D. Landscapes are standing by to make sure you can get where you need to go. 


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“It is obvious the JFD is trying very hard to live up to the optimum landscape standards specified in our contract. We very much appreciate your willingness to follow up on problem areas in a timely manner. We recognize the superior deep edging and continued definition of the tree rings and planting beds.”
— HOA Management Company

I know there are a lot of good landscape companies and it’s hard to choose. But no one is going to give you bad references or show you poor photos of their work. J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. offers you one thing that no one else can, me, Joe Drake. I am President of J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. and no one will be more focused on making sure you get the quality and value you paid for, I guarantee it.

Thank you for the opportunity to become your landscape contractor. I appreciate it.

-Joe Drake