Showing Off Your Nighttime Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting in Novelty, OH

Landscape lighting is a great way to show off the features of your Novelty, OH, home’s exterior and front yard. Why let the beautiful additions you’ve made to your property hide when the sun sets? You can increase your nighttime curb appeal with strategically placed lights.

Highlighting Hardscapes

One of the most effective ways to make your home look regal is to use landscape lighting that illuminates your walkways and driveways. The effect will be enjoyable for when you get home after dark, plus it can make finding your way around much more pleasant.

Especially if you have beautiful paver hardscapes, lighting will give them a completely different look at night. You can highlight their uniqueness and beauty. For a driveway, consider classic lamp posts for a traditional feel that will help add safety in the dark. Tall lamp posts provide more light and illuminate more, allowing more of your home to be seen. If you prefer lighting lower to the ground, choose in-ground units that will concentrate their light close to the pathways on which they’re placed. Lower-voltage lighting has a softer look that’s easier on the eyes and less brash.

Spotlighting Green Features

Another aspect of landscape lighting is showing off your plantings, trees, and hardscape features. When you’re outside on a warm night, the lighting can provide a special glow to your softscape. It could even extend the number of hours you spend outside on a daily basis in the warmer seasons. For island beds with plantings, spotlights are a smart way to take advantage of their beauty even at nighttime. Evergreens and ornamental grasses have great silhouettes that are enhanced by in-ground spotlights.

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For flower beds that border the perimeter of your home, spotlights can help add definition and shape. Front yard features like water fountains almost demand landscape lighting as they look even prettier at night. Highlighting all these areas with landscape lighting adds depth to your property, enhancing its full beauty and curb appeal.

Shining on Architectural Angles

Adding lights to the house itself is a must for accentuating the architectural features of your home. Starting with the basics, add flood lights above garage doors to show it off, or add sconces on either side if you have the space. Sconces are also a beautiful accent to your front door. If you already have sconces at the front door, consider updating them to match with the other lighting fixtures around your front landscape. Also consider adding small spotlights to the architectural focal points of your home, like stone veneer siding, windows, or columns. If you have a front porch or patio, recessed lighting can accent the space and make late lounging more practical.

Showing Off Your Nighttime Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting in Novelty, OH

There are a range of options when it comes to landscape lighting. If you are unsure of what type of lighting you want or need, our professionals are here to help. We can assess your home and determine what parts of your home would be best complemented by lighting accents. We recommend making your home look better and be made safer by considering well-placed landscape lighting.