How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Plant a Vegetable Garden in Novelty, OH

Having your very own vegetable garden ensures that fresh produce makes a regular appearance on your Novelty, OH, dinner table. Not only does this encourage a healthy lifestyle, but it will also save you money every month. You’ll want to entrust one of the landscaping companies in your area to help you make smart choices for your edible garden. A licensed professional can handle all the planning and execution of your vegetable garden, leaving you with a manicured and thriving end-product. Here are a few decisions that a professional landscaping company could help you to make:

Where to Plant

There are various factors that determine where to plant vegetables, and your landscaping company will know them all. The amount of sun and precipitation a particular part of your softscape receives, as well as the properties of its soil, will determine whether vegetables may be grown there.

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Most vegetables do well in moist yet well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter like compost. A professional landscaper can assess your soil, eliminating any need to struggle with at-home soil testing kits and other limited DIY methods. A landscaper will also ensure that the temperature of your soil is well-suited to supporting a vegetable garden.

Landscaping companies tend to have years of experience addressing the various needs of homeowners and are more likely to consider details that you might overlook, such as making a water source accessible for convenient watering and maintenance.

What Layout to Choose

There are various styles in which vegetable gardens can be planted, from raised beds to the traditional rows we are all so familiar with. Square foot gardening is well suited to small vegetable gardens, as it opens up multiple and easy access points.

A landscaping company will be able to recommend the best size for your square beds, if you want to lean into them comfortably without treading on and compacting the soil. J.F.D. Landscapes Inc. works closely with homeowners to customize their landscapes to their specific needs. Therefore, if you have children or pets, our landscapers will ensure that raised beds with clearly marked edges are built.

What to Plant

A professional landscaping company can recommend vegetables that are likely to thrive in your region and climate. Our years of valuable experience contribute to helpful recommendations on how many crops of each species to plant so that you sustain your family without wasting produce. Some vegetables provide throughout the season while others can be harvested only once. If you find this confusing, rest assured—a landscaping company can guide you in the right direction.

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How to Plant It

How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Plant a Vegetable Garden in Novelty, OH

When it comes to planting vegetables, there are various tricks and nuances that only experienced green thumbs are likely to understand. Tender vegetables, like tomatoes and eggplant, for example, should reserve the sunniest and best situated spots in the garden. Plants that tend to send out roaming vines, like squash, should be concentrated around the edges of a bed to prevent their leaves from covering and suffocating other plants. Vegetables that climb vertically and utilize supports, like peas, should be placed out of the way so that they don’t shade other plants that desperately require sunlight.

A professional landscaper is also likely to prioritize and organize your vegetable garden, planting the varieties you use regularly nearest to the kitchen, if possible, for quick and easy accessibility.