Benefits of Lawn Care and Fertilization for Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Landscape

Your lawn is one of the most prominent features of your Chagrin Falls, OH, home. How your lawn looks can either add or detract from the appearance of your property. Lawn maintenance is one of the best way to keep your landscape healthy and looking good. These are some of the benefits of lawn care and fertilization for your Chagrin Falls, OH landscape.

No Weeds

Weeds are known for popping up when your lawn isn’t properly fertilized. For example, clovers tend to invade lawns when there’s a nitrogen deficiency in your soil. The clovers’ growth actually attempts to fix the nitrogen issue in your soil, so seeing them is a sign that it is time to fertilize your lawn.

One way to keep your lawn healthy is to make sure it’s regularly being cut. Cutting your grass regularly is healthier for your lawn then letting it get overgrown. The grass clippings also add an element of fertilization to your lawn so that it stays green. Regular applications of actual fertilizer are a key touch to making sure your lawn stays lush, green, and beautiful. Lawns crave certain nutrients that they can’t get on their own.

Curb Appeal

How your lawn looks can dramatically impact the curb appeal of your home. A tired, yellowed, and patchy lawn can give even the nicest house a dingy, unmaintained look. Some towns even have ordinances against letting the lawn become overgrown, and homeowners risk fine you the state of their lawn detracts from the appeal of the neighborhood.

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Benefits of Lawn Care and Fertilization for Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Landscape

Having a landscaper regularly care for your lawn is an easy way to keep your home looking its best at all time. The look of a freshly cut, green lawn is also important for the resale value of your home. It can also have a peripheral effect on the overall value of the neighborhood.

Child and Pet Friendly

Keeping your lawn well maintained is important for keeping it child and pet friendly. Lawns are where your beloved smaller family members love to play outside, as they roll around on the grass or play together. Having your grass mowed regularly ensures that no rodents or undesirables are lurking in the overgrown blades to mess up the fun times. It keeps your lawn cleaner and safer—to be sure, dangerous insects like ticks are attracted to tall blades of grass where they can hide.

Additionally, insect infestations are more likely to occur in unhealthy soil and grass lacking in nutrients. Keeping your lawn fertilized is actually a green way to avoid pest outbreaks without having to use harsh pesticides that can be unsafe for use around children and animals. After all, if your loved ones can’t play on the lawn in the backyard, then what good is it?

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Now that we’ve given you some great information about why your Chagrin Falls, OH, landscape would benefit from regular lawn care and fertilization, contact one of our landscape specialists for more information about worry-free lawn maintenance. Depending your needs, we can set up a weekly, monthly, or seasonal service. From occasional touch-ups to ongoing lawn care, we’re flexible to your preferences and the exact needs of your landscape.