Add Greenery to your Pepper Pike, OH, Backyard with the Help of Landscaping Companies

Flowers and bright colors aren’t the only way to transform your Pepper Pike, OH, backyard. Whether you’re looking to install a new garden or simply add several plants to your outdoor living space, landscape companies can help you with your greenery options.

Add Greenery to your Pepper Pike, OH, Backyard with the Help of Landscaping Companies  

There are multiple reasons to consider adding more green plants to your yard. Greenery could introduce a stronger tie to nature if you have recently brought in new hardscape elements. What’s more, green plants are soothing and can have a calming effect (especially for our eyes).

Now, we can move on to some basic tips for choosing greenery. With the following guidelines and the help of landscaping companies, you can create a green oasis right in the comfort of your outdoors.

Choose Resistance over the Looks

The toughest aspect of adding greenery involves the many decisions you’ll need to make when considering the large variety of plants, shrubs, and trees available. The common mistake that homeowners make is basing their choice solely on which plants look best at first glance.

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However, there is one much more important factor that should determine your selection—your hardiness zone. As the seasons change one after another, you would want plants and trees that are strong enough to keep up with the climate in Pepper Pike, OH, and stay healthy. Choose greenery that is suitable for zone 6a, such as Arborvitae (Thuja), Juniper shrubs, and Umbrella pine trees.

Level of Commitment

All plants require a certain level of care and maintenance, while some require more care than others. For example, low-maintenance shrubs can be a great way to add green without committing to a higher level of care.

All of these considerations can be left up a professional who can discuss your priorities and vision of your landscape. A schedule can be put in place to provide ongoing care of your trees, plants, and lawn so that you’ll have an always-neat and beautiful backyard to show off to your guests.

What About Style?

The last thing to think about is the style you would want to create with greenery. If you’re a romantic soul, you might want to include Weigela in your backyard and, of course, trees. They will help create a more private atmosphere while at the same time better defining your space. They could also give you an excuse for hanging tree lights, to create a certain ambiance on warm evenings.

For a neat and sophisticated backyard, you could choose boxwood hedges or medium-height shrubs. These are also used for emphasizing borders in backyards and to create interest. As for a more “casual” look, consider mixing plants of different heights. This can brighten up space, wake up your creativity, and create a laid-back atmosphere.

There is a wide range of styles and combinations available when you want to add greenery to your garden or backyard, as you explore having your outdoor space look more buoyant and rich. Selecting the right greenery is crucial for achieving this effect.