5 Retaining Wall Designs for Your Sloped Yard in Bainbridge Township, OH

If every time you look at your Bainbridge Township, OH, yard, you are sure that it could look better but an eroded slope ruins the view, or if you would love to have space to entertain outdoors - even better would be a space with beautiful landscaping and flowers - then a retaining wall system may be the solution for you. Whether your yard is small or quite spacious, a retaining wall can be the perfect solution to problems with slopes and erosion, and can help to carve out additional space from hilly, unused ground. There are endless retaining wall design possibilities to reflect your style.  Here are five retaining wall designs to consider:

Rustic Wall

If you love the look of large boulders and hefty rocks, a rustic wall might be for you! The bulky look of huge stacked stones suits a rustic, traditional or cottage backyard theme perfectly. Using both very large stones, mixed with smaller stones adds interest and keeps the wall from looking too uniform. Allowing some space between the stones makes room for small trailing plants to grow, making your wall seem like just another part of nature. Often, rock seating can be built into the retaining wall, adding more function to your landscape.

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Modern Wall

5 Retaining Wall Designs for Your Sloped Yard in Bainbridge Township, OH  

Perhaps smooth, straight lines and symmetry are what you love. A modern retaining wall with defined edges and a cool gray color might be an ideal complement to your home.  Wide rectangular steps taking you from one part of your yard to another are easy to navigate and can be made of concrete units or flat engineered stone. Simple plantings of tall grasses and succulent shrubs can finish off your contemporary oasis.

Secret Floral Garden

If your idea of a perfect yard is masses of floral plantings, trees, shrubs and flowers that create a blooming refuge, this style is for you. A less formal pea gravel path, anchored by wood, could lead to a hidden space with a fire pit for outdoor entertaining even when it’s chilly outside. Winding paths reveal blooming surprises around every corner. An unusual accent wall can even be added with open concrete blocks where you can tuck trailing vines and roses to grow right out of the wall.

Urban Herb and Vegetable Garden

If you would love to have a garden with fresh herbs and vegetables, but it is too hard to figure out how to plant on the hill, a beautiful terraced retaining wall can provide places for raised bed plantings with built-in irrigation. You could have vegetables on one terrace, herbs in another, and flowers in the third, with possibly even a space for a small storage shed!

Retaining Wall Extras

A retaining wall doesn’t have to be ordinary!  Terracing a wall adds more planting space, which can be connected with rock stepping stones or connected concrete stairs.  While low lighting can make your yard a favorite place in the evening. Adding a water feature to the wall can help to drain away tension.  You can add a patio area, a built-in kitchen, a fire pit—whatever you can dream up, the J.F.D Landscapes Inc. can make happen.

J.F.D. Landscapes Inc. can make your Bainbridge Township, OH, sloped yard into a functional and beautiful space unique to you!  Since 1989, J.F.D Landscapes Inc. have been creating and maintaining stunning landscape designs for our customers. Remedying your sloped yard problem and building the yard of your dreams is our specialty! Contact us today for an estimate.