Transform Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Landscape Design with a Paver Patio

When it comes to versatility and design options for creating a beautiful landscape for your home or business, paver patios are an ideal component. They can occupy large or smaller spaces, lead into other landscape areas such as gardens, and be the first point of contact from interior to exterior spaces. You don’t have to covet someone else’s paver patio in Chagrin Falls, OH. Here’s how you can transform your landscape design with one of your own. 

Versatility Rules

Transform Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Landscape Design with a Paver Patio

Paver patios can be constructed with a choice of different materials. This allows you to use pavers that suit both your design aesthetic and budget. While poured concrete patios are a less expensive option than other materials, you sacrifice big in terms of quality and durability. That's why at J.F.D Landscapes, we urge our customers to consider what alternative options. Natural stone such and concrete pavers like those offered from Unilock, deliver the kind of quality look and durable finish that can turn an empty space into a patio you’ll never want to leave. Turn boring concrete or an unused lawn area into a classy patio with Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone brick pavers. Their natural look lets these pavers blend with various colors, furniture, and other patio features like outdoor kitchens. You can also create paver patterns for a more interesting patio overall. 

Maintenance Is Simple

Proper installation of a paver patio is an intricate project best left to a trained and experienced crew.  As a Unilock Authorized Contractor located in Chagrin Falls, OH, the team at J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. offers guaranteed installation backed by decades of experience. Your new paver patio will open up your landscape design, adding aesthetic while also providing you less maintenance in the long run. Lawn maintenance, while essential to a well-maintained property, can be minimized in areas with lots of naturally occurring foot traffic. Instead of wearing a pathway into your lawn, allow a paver patio to offer much needed functionality.

Concrete pavers offer incredible durability. If your patio is close to the swimming pool, you won’t have to worry about chlorine or salt water damaging the surface. Additionally, pavers seldom crack and heave like one sees in a poured concrete patio or walkway. This is due to their ability to "flex" with the freeze/thaw climates in Northern Ohio. Even if you do end up damaging an individual paver, that one paver can be replaced leaving the overall patio intact. Consult with the landscape design experts at J.F.D to help you choose the right pavers for your new patio project or to update an existing design.

Make Smaller Spaces Appear Bigger

If you’re working with a smaller, more intimate, space, a paver patio can actually make outdoor living area appear bigger. This adds aesthetic value to your property and will make you wonder why you ever waited to expand the livable space of your home to the great outdoors. Make your paver patio the focal point of your backyard landscape and don’t be afraid to go all out to really make it shine.

A well-sized patio, along with the right color choices for the materials, can easily trick the eye. Choose lighter colored pavers to expand the space visually. Contrast the lighter tones with a darker border course to add interest. With the right furniture choices featuring splashes of brighter colors or pastels, this theme of open space will continue through to the finished product. We work with our customers hand-in-hand to advise on how large a paver patio should be based on the intended use for the space. With over 25 years of experience designing and installing patios, the J.F.D team is hear to help!