Why Landscaping Companies Recommend Concrete Pavers for Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Driveway

Your Chagrin Falls, OH, home’s driveway is a key visual component that commands a dominant position in your home’s overall look. Moreover, it has the more practical task of supporting the weight of heavy vehicles for years to come. While there is a wide variety of construction materials for your driveway, a majority of landscaping companies recommend interlocking concrete pavers because they check both of these essential boxes: unmatched design freedom alongside great durability.

Why Landscaping Companies Recommend Concrete Pavers for Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Driveway

Design Versatility

Concrete pavers are interlocking manufactured bricks that are installed over an underlying base layer of gravel and sand. Their biggest advantage is the nearly endless range of color and textures that makes it remarkably easy to follow a certain design language or style with no compromises. For more modern homes, you can choose a contemporary paver with subdued colors, a smooth surface finish, and clean cut edges. For more traditional homes, you can choose a rustic, weathered stone finish to give your driveway a matching character.

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Modern concrete pavers manufacturers are very adept at mimicking natural stone, giving you the grace and beauty of quarried stone at a fraction of the cost. The wide range of available colors also makes it easy to create borders and accents to give your design some additional panache, as well as to clearly demarcate your driveway from other elements in your front yard. Different component sizes also open up the world of laying patterns, which can further enhance your design. In contrast to asphalt and poured concrete driveways that offer a smaller range of customization options, the design versatility of concrete pavers often makes them the obvious choice for a visually appealing driveway.


Concrete pavers are also well up to the task of creating a durable driveway capable of sustaining heavy vehicular loads for a long, long time. A major part of this durability is the careful construction of the underlying base aggregate layers—this makes the expertise of your contractor a key component of a reliable driveway. The gravel and sand layers are often complemented with a geogrid that helps spread out the weight of vehicles over a wider area to help prevent sinking.

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Moreover, the pavers themselves are highly robust and in some cases several times stronger than poured concrete. Modern pavers also feature a variety of technological innovation that helps them retain their color, ensuring that your driveway doesn’t fade from constant exposure to the elements. As an indication of their durability, most concrete pavers from reputable brands are backed by a manufacturer warranty.

Minimal Attention Needed

The interlocking design of concrete pavers makes them long-lasting. In contrast to large blocks of poured concrete, cracked pavers can be readily replaced with perfectly matching pieces. Moreover, modern concrete pavers offer a variety of practical features such as a stain-resistant surface, even against the inevitable oil and fluid spills. Anti-slip surfaces are also quite common, giving you great traction in rain and snow. They can also be found in permeable variants—such pavers help reduce surface water runoff from your driveway, keeping your home sustainable and environmentally friendly.