4 Beautiful Landscape Design Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal in Hunting Valley, OH

Are you looking to boost the curb appeal of your Hunting Valley, OH, home? Whether you’re thinking of selling your home or just staying put, changes to your landscape design could add interest and even value to your home. These four landscape design options can get you started on ideas.

New Driveways and Walkways

4 Beautiful Landscape Design Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal in Hunting Valley, OH  

Nothing updates your home’s exterior like new walkways that complement a new driveway. Old, outdated, or damaged walkways and driveways can actually detract from the curb appeal of your home. There are many options for new materials that you can choose for new walkways and driveways. For instance, Courtstone pavers by Unilock will provide a classic look with a rich feel for a new driveway that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood. Adding a matching walkway with Courtstone will make the design cohesive and tie your look together in style. For a more modern look, choose Artline with its clean cut edges and smoother finish. 

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Water Feature

Water features are a timeless way to add beauty to your landscape. They also add the element of sound, as most water features provide you with the peaceful, soft sounds of flowing water, a notoriously instant way to put you in a state of serene relaxation. A couple of the more popular types of water features are fountains and small ponds. 

You can choose whether you want a smaller or larger feature, and customize your choice almost any way you want. A classic way to frame this feature is to create a surrounding border of selective plantings, like decorative shrubs or topiaries. Installing a small pond is also a great option, and you can simply add water plants like classic water lilies or even fish. 

Rock Garden

Rock gardens are becoming more and more popular for landscape design as they offer a natural feel to any landscape design. They can also take many different forms and be customized. One rock garden option is to create a bed for plantings and use rocks as a groundcover around the plants you choose. Good plants for rock gardens include succulents or small evergreen plants. Even a plant like creeping myrtle would add elegance as the spreading flowers and foliage delicately drape over the rocks. Another style idea for a rock garden is to create a small path that creates a focal point in your landscape. Line the path with the plants of your choosing, and you’ve instantly added a whole new element of curb appeal to your home.

New Lighting

Having lighting installed in your home’s front exterior is a great way to make your home look polished and presentable. Lighting comes with great benefits, like making your home feel more welcoming to your guests, and allowing your landscape to be seen and appreciated even at nighttime. You can illuminate walkways and driveways, add fixtures to flower beds, or even have lighting shine on a fabulous water feature. There is a whole array of options to choose from when selecting lighting, making it easy for you to add a custom design to your home. 

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