Simple Yet Beautiful Landscape Lighting Ideas for Your Pepper Pike, OH, Outdoor Dining Space

Dining outdoors with friends and family is one of the all-time best rituals of the summer in Pepper Pike, OH. Simple landscape lighting can set the tone for enjoyable meals while helping guests navigate their way to the table. When just the right lighting is placed with outdoor dining in mind, it brings attention to the gorgeous features of your carefully curated backyard. As the days get shorter, consider these simple yet beautiful landscape lighting ideas.


Bring ambience to the dinner table even when nature isn’t on the same schedule as you. Moonlighting landscape lighting imitates the soft glow you would experience if a full moon were out every night. It sets the mood and could encourage dinner guests to linger to enjoy the evening hours.

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Well Lighting

You can illuminate the beauty all around your dining space with strategically placed in-ground well lights that shine upward on your gorgeous trees and any architectural structures or columns that deserve attention after the sun has set. Since these light fixtures are kept out of view, they offer a simple addition to your landscape that puts all the focus on the prettiness your backyard has to offer.

Classic Path Lights

Simple Yet Beautiful Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Pepper Pike, OH, Outdoor Dining Space

Path lights could lead the way to the dining area and the cozy after-dinner spot around a fire pit. They are functional but also aesthetically pleasing in their own right. A lit curved path suggests a bit of whimsy for your outdoor space while a straight walkway lined by path lights presents a modern, clean appearance. Your landscape professional can help you decide whether tightly arranged lights would be more appealing or whether they should be placed farther apart, depending on your aesthetic taste.

Wall Washes

A stone retaining wall gets a second life at night with wall washes that light upon the stones and any nearby plantings. This type of soft lighting could also be aimed toward a fence or other facade for a dynamic look.

Task Lighting

The electricians at J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. will develop lighting design that will add beauty elements to your dining area just the way you want so that you can make memorable dinner gatherings for many summers to come.