A Guide to Successful Fall Lawn Care in Chagrin Falls, OH

It’s that time of year again when you realize that (once again!) your lawn in Chagrin Falls, OH, hasn’t reached its full potential. Your neighbors have an envious lush green lawn, and you’re wondering what their secret is to great lawn care. What your lawn is likely missing is a fall lawn care plan that takes into account its needs across all the seasons. Here is a guide for reaching success with your lawn as the fall gets underway:

Account for Leaves

While the changing leaves are certainly beautiful with all of their vivid colors, those same leaves can spell death to parts of your lawn. Regularly raking and removing the leaves will keep your grass from suffocating under the leafy piles and would eliminate the chance for fungus or disease to set in and harm your lawn’s healthiness. With a regular maintenance schedule, leaves barely have time to hit the ground before they get swooped up and carried away.

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Look into Fertilizing

Fertilizing in the fall gives the roots of your grass time to grow strong and develop well, which produces healthier grass in the spring and summer. Delivering nutrients in the form of fertilizer cultivates an improved stand of grass, and helps your yard to green up in the spring. Yes, it does takes some preplanning to pull off a gorgeous lawn, but it’s well worth it.

Ask About New Grass Seed

A Guide to Successful Fall Lawn Care in Chagrin Falls, OH

Fall and spring are ideal times to aerate or plug holes into your yard to increase the oxygen and improve the drainage of your soil. When sowing new grass seed, bare spots may be targeted or your entire lawn could get the overseeding treatment.

Make Sure It Gets Enough Water

Even in the fall, lawns need to be watered regularly to stay hydrated. Watering in the morning reduces evaporation and helps those new seeds to sprout and grow, so that their root systems are prepared for summer heat.

Apply Weed Killer

Treating your lawn in the fall helps to prevent the weeds that tend to come up in the spring and summer. Accurately applying herbicide weed killer is essential to eliminating weeds and cultivating a lush stand of grass.

Maintain a Mowing Plan

It is appealing to believe that mowing is no longer necessary when the weather turns cooler, but proper mowing until your lawn goes dormant will contribute to a healthy summer lawn. Lowering the mower setting by one-half inch can allow the sun to reach the base of the grass leaf. Any heavy grass clippings will need to be removed before the snow comes to keep your lawn from dying under leftover clumps of dead matter.

A thick, prolific stand of grass is satisfying to any yard lover, but it requires consistent attention to a schedule of treatment and mowing. J.F.D. Landscapes, Inc. can provide the type of service and schedule that fits your needs, whether it is all-inclusive or just specific services. They know that every homeowner and every landscape is different. Their “Yes We Can” philosophy can make your lawn care stress-free.