Create a Comfortable Entertaining Space with These Landscape Design Tips in Hudson, OH

Is your Hudson, OH, backyard comfortable and inviting? If you’re dreaming of the perfect outdoor space for entertaining, but your yard isn’t quite there yet, it may be time to update your landscaping. Try these landscape design ideas to transform your backyard into the ideal spot for outdoor entertaining.

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Provide Ample Seating for Everyone

Comfortable seating is a must for hosting outdoor get-togethers. If there’s not enough seating, guests could grow weary and leave for more relaxing destinations. A combination of patio furniture and built-in seating will ensure that you always have plenty of places to sit.

Low walls and raised planters will bring structure to your landscape and can also act as overflow seating. It’s important to finish walls with smooth coping to help prevent scratches and snagged clothing. Adding benches in select locations will also create additional destinations for taking a break.

Keep Food and Drinks Nearby

A great summer gathering usually includes plenty of chilled beverages. An outdoor bar is the perfect way to keep guests hydrated without having to leave the party. Include a wine cooler, bar fridge, or space-saving refrigerated drawers to keep drinks cold. Comfortable bar stools will allow guests to keep the host company.

An outdoor kitchen will not only expand your living space, it can also elevate your summer entertaining. Being able to cook and serve without having to go inside means the cook gets to enjoy the party as well. Upgrade your standard outdoor appliances to include a second grill, pizza oven, or smoker for even better gatherings.

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Create a Tranquil Atmosphere

Create a Comfortable Entertaining Space with These Landscape Design Tips in Hudson, OH

Make guests more comfortable by providing a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. A water feature makes a beautiful focal point and will help drown out the sounds of nosy neighbors and traffic. Fountains are available in a wide variety of sizes, so there’s an option to fit every patio. A sheer descent waterfall creates a smooth, cascading sheet of water and can be added to almost any vertical masonry feature.

What gathering is complete without music? Outfit your backyard patio with a surround sound system to ensure your guests can enjoy the music from anywhere in the yard. If you have a pool, underwater sound systems are also available.

Have Zones for Different Activities

A good gathering offers something for everyone. A landscape with different zones will allow your guests to mingle and enjoy a variety of activities. For a landscape designed for entertaining, it needs areas for cooking, dining and socializing, as well as play and relaxation. Ensure seating and shade are available in each zone to keep guests comfortable.

Keep the Gathering Going After Dark

Gatherings can continue well after dark with the help of landscape lighting. Good outdoor lighting should include path lighting to help visitors move about safely and task lighting for cooking, dining, and clean-up. After dinner is over, low-level background lighting will set the mood for a relaxing night.

A fire feature makes an ideal gathering place and will keep guests warm after the sun goes down. If you have a modern landscape, a stylish fire table will add warmth and is easy to operate. Guests will naturally gather around a rustic stone fire pit, especially if seating is readily available. A classic masonry fireplace will add warmth and structure to your patio or outdoor living room. If your landscape allows, consider including more than one fire feature to create multiple cozy sitting areas.