4 Landscaping Ideas for Making Your Pepper Pike, OH, Small Yard Look Bigger

Transforming your small yard into a worthy oasis for your family’s outdoor lifestyle will demand an open mind and professional landscape design. Take advantage of these outdoor design options for making your Pepper Pike, OH, yard feel grand, from its appearance and the experiences you will have in it.

Bring in a New Perspective

Just as painters or photographers bring in their individual perspectives to every piece of artwork and photograph, a landscape designer would bring a whole new view to what your small yard has to offer. There’s the potential to visually manipulate what you and your visitors see through changes in the colors and textures of your landscape.

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Within a small yard, landscape design professionals know all of the tricks required to maximize the perceived size of your space. Depending on your particular yard, they may design the walkway in a meandering or narrowing fashion for an elongated visual or lay pavers in a way that suggests length.

Maximize Usefulness

4 Landscaping Ideas for Making Your Pepper Pike, OH, Small Yard Look Bigger

Maximize the usefulness of your small space by incorporating an the concept of separating the yard into outdoor rooms, depending on how you’ll most likely make the most of you newly designed yard. Common choices include an outdoor kitchen and living space, but the choices are only limited by the amount of space you have and your interests. If most of your time will be spent cooking and dining outdoors, then the outdoor kitchen will be all that you need to enjoy the yard to its maximum capacity. Other options include a designated space for an outdoor reading nook, sporting field, meditation garden, or any other space that would appeal to your family’s lifestyle.

This landscape design strategy would clearly define the best aspects of your yard while increasing the value of your property. It would also make the yard seem bigger and certainly more functional because of the expanded use of the outdoors you and everyone who lives with you would experience.

Create a View

The view for a small yard has a substantial impact on the perceived size of the space. Whether your yard borders a remarkable area for viewing or whether you’ll need to have one created, allow an experienced landscape design professional to make your vision a reality.

If your yard has a wonderful view already, make it a feature rather than a benefit. Accomplishing this feat can be as simple as repeating plantings or architectural elements. One option might be to rethink the placement of an existing wall or to use a more open-air solution like a pergola rather than an enclosed outdoor room.

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Focus the Eye

Every yard needs a focal point; a small yard is no different. It could be a gorgeous, oversize tree or a welcoming modern outdoor firepit. A standout focal feature could direct everyone’s attention away from the diminutive size of your yard. Another way to direct people could be through eye-catching textured plantings or plants with remarkably large leaves. Both of these choices will provide increased depth, extend the eye as far as possible, and—visually at least—elongate the space. Another strategy is to go vertical. Adding levels, vertical and textured plantings, and taller structures will amplify the size sensed within the area as well.