Beautify your Landscape Design with Pillars and Walls in Pepper Pike, OH

Relatively simple structures can be added to your landscape to take your Pepper Pike, OH, design to the next level. When placed functionally, and with the expertise of J.F.D Landscapes, Inc., pillars and walls can be used to give your landscape a whole new look.

Pairing with Existing Design Features

Stairs are the first perfect opportunity to incorporate pillars into your design. Pillars can be placed to flank the top and bottom end of a staircase to give it a luxurious look. They can be constructed taller for a bold entrance, or shortened for a simpler design. If you have a seating area where you spend a lot of time, it can be transformed by adding pillars to all four corners. This creates a sense of enclosure without actually separating you from the rest of the yard. If separation is something you are looking for, a wall can be built to surround your seating area. To soften the look, you can even add flower pots to the top of the walls or pillars to add color.

Make A Wall Functional By Adding Seating

Walls don’t have to have only one function. Another way to incorporate wallis into your design is to enclose your patio by surrounding your firepit with a low seat wall. This will turn a simple fire pit into a convenient and cozy place to relax at the end of the day. The seat wall can also be used as extra seating when entertaining a large crowd. Pillars can also have a dual purpose. Have pillars placed on the outer edges of your patio to add light fixtures to your space in an elegant way. These can also be used as additional space for placing platters of snacks or trays of beverages.

Personalizing Your Walls and Pillars

Beautify your Landscape Design with Pillars and Walls in Pepper Pike, OH

Considering the placement of pillars and walls is only half of the fun. As a Unilock Authorized Contractor, J.F.D Landscapes, Inc. offers you access to the vast Unilock inventory, allowing you to add the finishing touches to your patio with premium pavers and wall units. Customize pillars with different shapes, textures and styles to give it your own unique look. For example, consider Rivercrest Wall Rapid Pillar system for perfect pillars that will last years to come. This particular wall and pillar unit is designed to emulate the appearance of stacked flagstone and provides an authentic natural look. Brussels Dimensional System is another wonderful choice for customizing your pillars. These wall units offer a rugged, worn look without compromising on structural integrity.

Adding Cohesiveness To Your Wall and Pillar Design

Continue the design of your pillars throughout the rest of your patio by incorporating the same style into your wall design and beyond. Ledgestone coping from Unilock is a great way to customize your walls and pillars. Various coping options give you flexibility for any coping application. You can feature Ledgestone on seat walls where edges need to be refined, on top of pillars with the specially designed PIllar Cap Units, as well as throughout the landscape as steps and pool edging.

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