Choose These Unilock Pavers for Your Next Poolside Patio Project in Hudson, OH

Whether you’re having a new pool and patio installed in your Hudson, OH, backyard or you’re planning to remodel an existing layout, Unilock has top-of-the-line pavers to achieve maximum style and utility. These pavers can be used for just about anything, including your pool deck, patio, and surrounding walkways. Here are some top picks:

Choose These Unilock Pavers for Your Next Poolside Patio Project in Hudson, OH


When the name of the game is unique Italian style, Mattoni is the winner. This slender, brick-like paver can create a luxurious ambiance for any backyard pool area. Its slightly textured surface creates a rugged aesthetic full of style, and the individuality of each paver makes every project unique. Color options include Dark Charcoal, a deep gray hue, and Sable Blend, a beautifully distinct neutral color best described as a blend of reddish clay and earthy brown. Best of all, the Mattoni pavers’ Enduracolor technology ensures you get to enjoy the color for life. Consider a double herringbone pattern for incredible high-end style.

Brussels Block

If you’re looking for a rustic, tumbled paver with casual elegance, Brussels Block could be the best choice for your project. This tumbled concrete paver complements nearly any style of home, from traditional to modern, and creates a fitting backdrop for all types of furnishings. It comes in subdued color palettes like Limestone, Sandstone, or if you want a hint of more color, there’s Coffee Creek.

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If you like, add details and borders in other colors to increase visual interest. All in all, the warm feel of Brussels Block combined with the variability in design make it a perfect choice for any pool deck. In fact, Unilock considers Brussels Block its most popular paver choice.


This paver is one of the most versatile, with multiple color options and laying patterns to customize your look in the most unique way possible. Umbriano is part of Unilock’s Enduracolor Plus line, so it will hold its color and not fade like lower quality pavers. It also has EasyClean stain resistance so that you can easily wash away any debris or stains without worrying about damage.

With the look and feel of natural granite, the non-slip surface makes this paver worth considering for pool lounging where splashing is inevitable. You’ll be curating a safe surface for entertaining by the pool. Some of the color options include French Grey, Summer Wheat, and Harvest Brown.

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The perfect choice for more modern designs, Senzo has a clean-cut finish consistent with each paver to give you a cohesive, uniform look. Part of Unilock’s Enduracolor Plus line, Senzo comes in three fabulous colors, Nuvola, Castano, and Cremo, so you can find one to match whatever color scheme you’re working with. It’s also non-slip and stain resistant, so you can enjoy your poolside time worry free. Senzo can also be laid in a variety of patterns like herringbone, classic linear, or others unique to Senzo’s available paver sizes. Made with granite and quartz, Senzo’s strength and durability is matched only by its style!

Unilock has style and color options to match any poolside project imaginable, whether your home is traditional, modern, or rustic. Don’t forget that the color of the joint sand also makes a difference. You can also incorporate details like borders and trim with different colors or pavers to add a unique touch.