Why Snow Removal Is Essential for Your Property in Chagrin Falls, OH

Removing snow correctly from your Chagrin Falls, OH, property can be a science. A buildup of snow does not just lead to an unsightly mess that your neighbors will not appreciate. Left to fester on your trees and in critical spots around your property, frozen snow can cause serious damage to your landscape. Here are some reasons why snow removal is essential for your property in Chagrin Falls, OH:

Keeping Everyone Safe

While it may seem obvious, creating a safe environment should be a high priority for any property owner. Not only should the sidewalks and driveways be cleared, but snow buildup on the roof can be dangerous. The heavy weight of snow can wreck important structures. And when left in areas where people need to traverse, the risk of falls and accidents rises fast.

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Keeping walkways clear keeps accidents to a minimum. So does keeping the driveway clear in order for any cars entering and leaving your property to do so without incident. Life does not stop when the snow arrives.

The concept of safety extends to how the snow is removed. Professionals with proper equipment know how to do it right, including when it needs to get done and what happens when snow freezes. Without the expertise and knowledge, people who shovel and snow blow on their own face the risk of slipping, falling, and hurting their backs.

Acting Neighborly

Clearing your property of snow can create a charitable atmosphere among neighbors. When those who live near your property see that you are maintaining the safety and security of your home for your family and visitors, they may feel compelled to do the same. When you set up a reliable way to clear the sidewalks and walkways around your home, it keeps you safe while showing your neighbors that you care for their well-being, as well.

Limiting Landscape Damage

Once the winter thaws and the spring temperatures return, a property that has been cleared of snow in all the important places ends up with fewer broken limbs, split shrubs, and structural damage than properties with neglectful owners. No one wants to emerge from winter to find that their favorite tree has irreparable damage. Evergreens, while hardy, can suffer “winter burn” and become discolored.

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Why Snow Removal is Essential for your Property in Chagrin Falls, OH

Grass can also suffer from snow, by getting damaged from the salt used to melt snow and ice. This is especially true for the grass between the sidewalk and street. Snow removal and elimination of snow piles discourage the growth of “snow mold,” a fungus that affects grass left under snow too long. Voles are another worry—they could burrow under the snow piles to eat the grass underneath, leaving you with tunnels throughout your yard.

Snow is unavoidable, of course, but the problems associated with removing it can be greatly minimized if not eliminated. Engaging the services of a professional snow removal company can provide the removal relief you need.

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