How to Achieve Tranquility in Your Hudson, OH, Landscape Design

If your backyard feels overly big and exposed, and you’re dreaming about those delightful little secret nooks you’ve seen in botanical gardens, where you can sit on a bench and listen to the birds—your dreams can be put into motion. Here are some fun ideas on how to achieve tranquility in your Hudson, OH, landscape design.

Make It Private

How to Achieve Tranquility in Your Hudson, OH, Landscape Design

Imagine the ideal scenario—what tranquility means to you—and begin by defining the space and making it private. There are so many ways to add privacy to your backyard: fences, stone walls, living walls (hedges), arbors, screens, or dense vegetation. Such walls don’t have to be built at full height: Sometimes, a low garden wall will give the feeling of privacy without blocking the view. Decide how much seclusion you need to feel tranquil, how that will make the rest of the space feel, and then start thinking about the best materials for the job.

Create a Zen Garden

Is there a corner of your backyard that’s a little out of the way and underused? That could be the perfect spot for your very own zen garden! All you might need is a small area of pebbles with a few larger stones, a bench, and some soothing greenery (in general, you want to avoid bright pops of color in a zen garden). A birdbath or fountain adds to the serenity by inviting the sounds of nature, and masking the neighborhood sounds.

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Keep It Simple

Not into zen meditation? Keeping your yard simple could be all you need to add to the sense of tranquility, if for no other reason than having less to do on the weekends. Simple doesn’t mean boring. Simplicity in a landscape can involve keeping the focus on just a few key elements (such as the patio) and keeping space between plantings to give the backyard an airy but not exposed feel.

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Add Music

Nature’s music provides the soundtrack to outdoor living. A fountain, waterfall, or babbling brook not only masks traffic sounds but invites birds, which will delight you with their cheerful songs. Add a bird feeder to attract even more songbirds.

Create Shade

Tranquility is hard to achieve when you’re baking in the sun. Add shade, whether it’s a lovely pergola with climbing vines or curtains, or the natural dappled shade of trees.

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Develop Another Perspective

Perhaps you tend to sit in the same spot every time you go outside. You could switch your perspective by adding a comfortable place to sit where your perspective is a little different, taking advantage of a “secret view” into a corner of the yard with an interesting antique wagon wheel or a memento from your travels.

Choose Natural Materials

For your hardscape features, you could opt for materials that blend seamlessly into their surroundings. For example, consider stacked fieldstone walls (which can be constructed using natural or manufactured stone) or pavers with rough and tumbled edges that give your outdoor space a sense of timelessness.

Use a Smaller Scale

A smaller patio feels more tranquil than a huge one. If your outdoor living space is already large, break up the expanse, make it more intimate, and soften the feel by dividing spaces using large pots filled with soft greenery such as ornamental grasses or ferns.

Slow Down

Straight walkways encourage fast movement, while a meandering walkway could take you slowly to key relaxation destinations in your backyard and encourage you to slow down and enjoy the surroundings.