3 Ways Lawn Care Service Can Eliminate Weeds in Novelty, OH

A weed infestation can dramatically hinder your lawn’s appearance and keep your Novelty, OH, grass from growing at its full potential. Here’s how lawn care service can eliminate this problem and get your grass growing at full speed again.

Understanding the Weeds

3 Ways Lawn Care Service Can Eliminate Weeds in Novelty, OH

The first step toward effectively eliminating weeds is to get a lawn care professional to evaluate the affected area. Identification of what type of weeds you are dealing with will help the lawn care experts address the issue appropriately. Ridding your lawn of weeds cannot be addressed by a one-size-fits-all treatment as certain types of weeds require certain types of treatment to eliminate them effectively. Also, some weeds are best attacked during a certain time of the year before they really take hold in a lawn. You don’t want pesticides to be overused in an effort to rid your landscape of weeds as your lawn could be inadvertently affected by the treatment.   

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Taking the Right Approach

The truth is, a well-cared-for lawn is a healthy lawn free of weeds. Fertilized at the proper times, under a proven schedule, a lawn can grow lush and healthy and crowd out the potential for unwanted growth. If weeds do manage to emerge, specialized expertise is best for figuring out the proper solution, based on the condition of your lawn, your locale, and the time of year.

For example, broadleaf weeds that encompass a vast majority of common weeds such as dandelions and thistle. One would think the larger the plant the more pesticides it takes to completely kill it, but reality has show it is quite the opposite. Wide leaf weeds in particular are often treated correctly with the least amount of pesticides as possible to avoid introducing unneeded chemicals into the soil. This is because their wide leaves catch all of the pesticides like a net. On the other side of the spectrum, perennial grass such as quackgrass can spread like wildfire and can be difficult to control. A common technique used is to apply a weed killer by hand. This requires a careful application for complete safety of the person treating the lawn for this pesky problem.

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Fighting the Weed Battle

There are some areas of some lawns that struggle and seem to attract weeds rather than serve as a home for healthy grass. When a lawn care specialist sees these types of areas, such as around bushes or along a path, there will be care given to how to bring the clean look of normal grass back. Some homeowners might choose in this situation to completely get rid of the weed problem by tilling the soil and laying down a layer of mulch or rocks. This is done so that it makes it almost impossible for weeds to grow since the soil is not exposed to the sunlight. Versatile ground-cover plants could also be grown in the spot. There is a wide range of ground-cover plants that you can pick from that are known for surviving in areas where grass may be struggling to thrive. Their thick roots and coverage can help prevent weed growth.