Why Spring Lawn Fertilization Should Be Part of Your Hudson, OH, Lawn Care

Along with rain showers and flowers, spring brings a rejuvenation of nature and outdoor living. As part of your springtime approach to lawn care in Hudson, OH, fertilization can provide a shot of nutrients ideal for encouraging growth, health, and lush beauty to your grass. Why not provide the boost your lawn needs for lusciousness this spring?

Spring Is the Right Time

Why Spring Lawn Fertilization Should Be Part of Your Hudson, OH, Lawn Care

If you know your lawn could use a little help, but you don’t know what time of year is best, rest assured that spring is an opportune time for fertilizer application. When the grass turns green and begins to grow, that’s your signal the time has arrived. At that point, soil temperatures have reached 55 degrees and are ripe for growth. With the boost of nutrition that fertilizer provides, your lawn will be ready to take off and perform well during its peak time of the year.

Functions of Fertilizer

Do you have any doubts about the need for fertilizer? You may think that nature can do what it needs to, but unfortunately, doing nothing will likely result in bald patches within the lawn, an influx of weed growth, and varying degrees of lawn health. Just as your body performs better with appropriate nutrition, your lawn’s appearance and health depends on appropriate nutrition.

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Encouraging Blade and Root Growth

Spring provides all of the ingredients for beautiful grass, save one: fertilizer. You’ll have the right temperatures, the sun, the rain, and the soil. What’s lacking will be the right level of vitamins for plants to grow well. Fertilizer provides these minerals and nutrients to promote quick, sustained growth.

Promoting Health and Resistance to Damage

Fertilization and care will have your lawn ready for the fun of warmer months. With regular growth, the lawn should become thick and healthy. Healthy grass resists damage from pets and family members tromping along it every day. By giving your lawn the proper care it needs to be healthy, you’ll be making it so your family can seamlessly play and enjoy the lawn without you having to worry about damage.

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Inhibiting Weed Growth

Fertilizer inhibits weed development because it enhances the thickness of grass. When the spread of grass is comprehensive and thick, weeds have no place to grab hold and invade. If the roots cannot find an opening, they won’t develop.

Introducing Nutrients

Grass uses up the nutrients as it grows and continues to be cared for: Mowing, trimming, and removal of cuttings are all necessary elements of proper lawn care service, but the processes can damage the lawn and require the consumption of nutrients to rebuild health. Fertilizer will make up for those lost nutrients, while allowing for continued growth and health when the lawn would be otherwise depleted.

Rely on Landscape Professionals

It makes a lot of sense to hire a professional landscaper to handle the ins and outs of fertilizing your lawn. Fertilizer treatment is just as important as the rain or the sun for your grass to grow healthily. Landscape experts know the right kind of fertilizer, the appropriate steps to follow, how much fertilizer to apply, and when follow-up is needed.