Which Lawn Care Maintenance Program Is Best for Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Property?

Your landscape is unique—and so are your maintenance requirements. A generic maintenance program is unlikely to offer you as many benefits as a carefully tailored lawn care plan that is specific to your budget; Chagrin Falls, OH, property; and preferences. With J.F.D. Landscapes Inc., you have the freedom to collaborate with professionals in the creation of your very own lawn maintenance program. Here are a few of the services you may want to include:

Lawn Fertilization

Which Lawn Care Maintenance Program Is Best for Your Chagrin Falls, OH, Property?

Fertilization supplies a lawn with the nutrients it needs to stay thick and healthy. It nourishes the soil, optimizing the conditions in which your grass grows. This leads to a greener, more vibrant lawn. Fertilization is recommended at specific times during the year, including the spring, late summer, and fall. Keeping up with this schedule can serve to be a handful for most homeowners on their own, making professional lawn maintenance a far better alternative than DIY.

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Spring and Fall Cleanup

The change in seasons can wreak havoc on your natural landscape. After the dormancy of winter comes an opportunity for new growth in the form of spring. Clearing the landscape of all dead leaves and other debris as soon as possible is essential to promote new plant growth. Spring cleanup also involves pruning shrubs and trimming trees to promote their growth.

In the fall, leaves and debris become a bigger problem—especially if your property houses a few deciduous trees. Ensuring that dead leaves don’t decompose over the winter will protect the lawn from fungal infections and disease. Leaves scattered upon the lawn for a long period of time can also promote the growth of weeds. Including seasonal cleaning into your lawn maintenance program will keep your landscape healthy and attractive all year round.

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Lawn Aeration

Walking out onto the lawn during summer is both welcoming and refreshing. However, the increased strain put on your lawn can leave it worn down by the end of summer. Aeration relieves the compression of the soil brought about by continuous foot traffic. This eases the flow of water and nutrients to plant roots. Planting seeds can also help to counteract damage to the lawn. Fortunately, aeration also helps seeds to permeate the soil swiftly.

Lawn Cutting

Mowing the lawn is not always as simple as it may sound. Neatening and edging, as well as addressing weeds, are also important parts of a quality lawn-cutting program. Poor weather or irregularities in the landscape can make the task a challenge, but if it’s put off, the poor health of the lawn will present itself. Entrust the task to dedicated lawn care professionals, and marvel at how presentable your grass—and its edges—appears with regular mowing.

Consult an Expert

A member of our team at J.F.D. Landscapes can walk you through and select the services most suited to your landscape and lifestyle. Flexibility is key to our lawn maintenance programs; you can choose between comprehensive weekly maintenance, monthly sessions, and simple seasonal damage-control services. Problem areas in your landscape can be identified and strategically accommodated into the maintenance program. Whichever services you choose, we can help you make your landscape look its very best.