3 Ways Landscaping Companies Can Help Sell Your Home in Pepper Pike, OH

When looking to purchase a home, potential buyers want to see an inviting, thriving landscape. As a seller, one of your main goals should be to give them just that when they come by to see your Pepper Pike, OH, home. The landscape is their first impression of your home, and can determine whether they go inside or not. Here are three ways landscaping companies can help you firm up that first impression and get more buyers in your door—to sell your home as fast as possible.

Schedule a Good Cleanup

3 Ways Landscaping Companies Can Help Sell Your Home in Pepper Pike, OH

At some point when you get settled into a home, you likely stopped seeing the small things that needed to be fixed to bring your house and yard into top condition. Or, you thought that you would “get to that tomorrow.” That day is here. While the landscape is certainly one of the aspects of a home that can always use a critical eye for a cleanup, it should be a major focus when selling.

In addition to any debris that has fallen on the landscape, trees need to be trimmed of dead and broken branches. The shrubs may need pruning, and any dead vegetation needs to be removed. Refreshing the mulch or pine needles brings an instantly cleaner appearance to your landscape. Also, the grass that might be growing over the sides of the walkways and driveway can be cut back through the use of an edger.

A cleanup also involves pressure-washing the walkways, entryways, porches, and the driveway. Clean and sparkling hardscapes revitalize any landscape.

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Make the Necessary Repairs

If you have a water feature that has quit working, or has missing tiles or stones, now is the time to correct those problems. Make sure that your sprinkler system is in working form by testing all of the sprinkler heads. It goes without saying that any faulty heads should be replaced. Do all of your outside spigots work? Do they leak? If so, remedy any plumbing issues so that they don’t cause a buyer to have doubts about the integrity of the home and landscape.

Now is the time to resurface crumbling and shifting sidewalks and driveways. Buyers will always notice if these features are in disrepair because this is where they enter and leave.

If you have landscape lighting, you’ll want to ensure that all of the bulbs are working. Replace any bulbs in the outdoor fixtures to remove any dark places in the landscape so that if a buyer drives by after dark, the outside is illuminated beautifully. Think about adding a few well-placed spotlights to highlight any special landscape features such as a water feature or a stone wall.

Add Some Color

Removing the weeds and dead leaves from the landscape beds is obvious, but think about adding seasonal flowers to your beds to give a boost of color. Pretty, bright flowers always add charm to a yard, and they can serve to draw the eyes to a focal point in the landscape such as a special tree or a vine-covered trellis. Planters at the entry ways that spill over with bright green plants and colorful floral arrangements say “Welcome!” to your visitors—who could become your replacements.

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