How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Choose Low-Maintenance Plantings in Novelty, OH

Plantings are key features to any landscape, but they don’t all require extensive care and maintenance. Without an expert level of knowledge about plants, planting zones, and growth requirements, having a successful landscape can be a challenge if you prefer lower maintenance flowers and plants. Fortunately, landscaping companies in Novelty, OH, can help you choose low-maintenance plantings for a no muss, no fuss, beautiful landscape.

Understanding the Lay of the Land

How Landscaping Companies Can Help You Choose Low-Maintenance Plantings in Novelty, OH

To prescribe the best low-maintenance plantings for your property, your landscape contractor will need to pay a visit to your home. Areas that receive partial shade, full sun, or potentially hold water will need to be identified because the right plant will depend on those sorts of conditions. Seeing the landscape fully will also allow the landscape company to maintain the unity and balance of the design, which is essential for any planting efforts to be successful. Otherwise, the results will seem amateurish at best. Professional guidance will ensure that your planting beds, pots, and other softscape features work together to create a unified design rather than a hodge-podge of plants growing in random areas.

Identifying Your Preferences

Your tastes and your property should further define the plants selected. The colors, scents, and types you choose may differ depending on the your preferences. A landscaping company will consider your property, ask questions about what you prefer, and show you options, to ensure you will be satisfied with the results. Be ready to share any plants that you already have an affinity for.

Benefits of Perennials

Planting perennials is a time-tested method of ensuring that caring for your landscape will be convenient. These bulbs, once planted, will grow and bloom yearly. The varieties of these plantings are many, with various colors, water demands, and sun requirements. Every empty spot or planting bed could have a worthy perennial to fill the gap. With access to landscaping professionals, you can identify the best options for specific areas, and they’ll also provide the limited maintenance that these beauties require.

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The Necessity of Native Plants

The need to plant native plantings ought to be clear, but sometimes in the rush to be unique, the importance of planting what naturally belongs in an area dissipates. The temperature, soil makeup, and precipitation expectations will naturally fall into place when native plantings live within your landscape. Further, you extend and protect their continuation as well as the rest of the local ecosystem when you embrace plantings that naturally grow in your area. You also get the not insignificant benefit of easy and abundant growth when plantings naturally occur in an environment.

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The Unexpected Grace of Ornamental Grasses

While designing the ideal landscape requires quite a bit of knowledge, it also requires artistry. To make sure that planting beds have the right degree of aesthetic depth, the landscaping company will consider adding height and texture. Easy to grow ornamental grasses provide both aspects. They call attention to their tips when a breeze blows and offer texture as they sway back and forth. A premier landscaping company can help identify the right ones for your property as well as provide the best options for other plants to live among a backdrop of ornamental grasses.