Beautify Your Novelty, OH, Landscape Design with These 5 Spring Plants

Spring will be upon us soon, and that means it’s time to start planning how your landscape will look during the warm seasons. A mix of beautiful perennials and annuals will provide with you with a great variety of colors and textures, perfect for adding some beauty to your home and some food for bees and butterflies. Here are five great spring plants worth considering for your Novelty, OH, landscape design:


Beautify Your Novelty, OH, Landscape Design with These 5 Spring Plants

Peonies are a perfect spring plant as they show their buds soon after spring begins. Once the buds start opening, large, showy blooms appear with soft petals. Even better than the sight of beautiful peonies is the scent they bear. Fragrant peonies give off a heavenly perfume you’d have to smell to believe. They’re great in garden beds, as their foliage provides a beautiful backdrop for later bloomers. Go with soft pinks or yellow, a classic white, or even a bold red. When it comes to beauty, peonies are unmatched.


If you want a flower that that provides tons of lush blooms throughout the season, begonias are a great choice. Ideal in hanging planters or raised beds, begonias provide full foliage and an abundance of gorgeous flowers. You could have a few different kinds planted next to each other to get an eclectic mix of reds, whites, and pinks all in the same space. For your area, it’s usually best to keep these in a planter that can be transported inside for the winter.

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One of the hardiest annuals around, marigolds produce flowers until the very last of the fall weather. Easy to grow anywhere, you can have these planted in spring and watch them develop fast. The golden petals are a beautiful complement to green foliage wherever you’ve got it, and they also go great with salvia and mums. Use them to line walkways or as a border in a flower garden. They’re pretty tolerant of nearly all conditions, which makes them great for low-maintenance designs that don’t require frequent watering or attention.


When you think of spring, you probably think of petunias. These darling little plants are so versatile and can be used pretty much anywhere. Put them in concrete planters as decorative ornaments for stairs or doorways. Use them in raised beds for beautiful color, hanging baskets for a visual display, or anywhere else you’ve got plantings and want their springtime look. Plant pink and red petunias to attract butterflies. Some varieties even attract hummingbirds!

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Coneflowers, also known as Echinacea, are some of the most popular flowers for bees and butterflies. Their exposed seed cone makes it easy for flitting friends to feed from, and the purple and pink colors make them quite noticeable. They provide a beautiful wildflower look to your garden. Add them into beds where they’ll have plenty of sunlight for growth, and enough water to keep them healthy. Usually, deer won’t eat coneflowers, which makes them a great alternative to other plants they might munch on.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our five favorite spring plants to add color and beauty to your landscape. Our design professionals can help you create a plan to perfectly accent each feature of your landscape.