5 Reasons to Include Fall Cleanup in Your Lawn Care in Pepper Pike, OH

After all the attention your Pepper Pike, OH, lawn received this summer, you might be tempted to cut back on your fall lawn care. But this is not what is best for your lawn. Consider the following reasons to include fall clean-up in your lawn care.

Fall Lawn

5 Reasons to Include Fall Cleanup in Your Lawn Care in Pepper Pike, OH

In the fall, the grass growth slows, and the days begin to shorten. You could be tempted to clear the leaves from your landscape once but ignore it the rest of the fall. When you leave the debris on your lawn as the season cools down, you could regret what you find after the winter is over. Leaves, branches, and other debris left on your lawn can cause mold to form on the grass. Trees that have lost limbs can be susceptible to disease and pests. Fall clean-up prepares your landscape for the winter months ahead so that your spring lawn returns full and lush. 

General Landscape Clean-up

Removing the leaves and dead shrubbery is the ideal foundation for your springtime grass to thrive. One problem with raking the leaves is what to do with them once they are piled up. Leaving them to rot can bring pests and mold to your grass. Your local landscape professional can easily remove the leaves, branches and any other debris at one time. 

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Fall Fertilization

After the hot summer weather has taken a toll on your grass, your landscape needs fertilizer to replenish the nutrients that were depleted during the growing season. Fall fertilizer is essential to helping your grass store food for the winter months when it cannot create its own food. The nutrients from the fertilizer are perfect for keeping your grass in good health until spring rolls around and it starts growing once more.

Lawn Aeration

Fall lawn aeration involves punching small holes in your lawn to allow the moisture, nutrients from fertilizer, and sunlight to penetrate the roots of your grass. These holes are also an excellent way to encourage new grass growth by spreading fresh seed that has a chance to take root before winter. Because the soil is less compacted when the holes are added, your lawn has a chance to grow deeper roots, which results in a healthier lawn. 

Tree Removal

As the leaves fall, you can see any trees that might need to be removed because they are dead or dying. Fall is an excellent time to cut down any ailing trees to make way for replanting new trees if you wish. Planting new trees and shrubs in the fall gives them time to establish roots before winter so that when the warmer weather returns, they have a head start. 

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Fresh Mulch

Finish the fall season well with fresh mulch to retain the moisture in your plants, shrubs, and trees. Mulch also serves to keep the nutrients from fertilizer and plant food readily available for your landscape plants to use. And, fresh mulch can bring a nice appearance to a fall landscape that might look a little bare.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for a fall clean-up, or if you are just tired of yard work, consider hiring a professional to refresh your fall Pepper Pike, OH, landscape. They will have the equipment and supplies to give your fall yard the care it needs before winter arrives.