6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service in Chagrin Falls, OH

Every lawn is different and requires specific care to thrive. Consider these things when hiring a lawn mowing service for your Chagrin Falls, OH, lawn.

Weekly Maintenance

6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service in Chagrin Falls, OH

When you don’t have much spare time, weekly maintenance for your lawn can be a lifesaver. Your lawn service will come in and mow the grass to the perfect height for the health of the lawn. They will blow away any grass clippings that land on the walkways and driveway to give your lawn a clean, symmetrical appearance. 

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Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing the lawn can be a bit tricky since too much fertilizer can burn the roots and cause more damage than good. The nutrients in the fertilizer must match what your grass and soil are lacking in order to bring the most benefits to your lawn. Fertilizer tends to work best when it is applied in the early spring, early summer, and late summer/early fall, with a final application before winter to provide food for the cold months. 

Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn in the fall provides extra holes for the fertilizer to nourish the soil and roots of your lawn. They also allow the sunlight and oxygen to reach the grass roots to reinforce good health before winter, and they are beneficial to the new grass you have planted by stimulating growth. 

Fall and Spring Cleanups

Lawns can easily get cluttered with sticks and debris that comes from falling leaves in the autumn to the branches and limbs that are leftover from the winter weather, so your lawn service can handle any cleanup you need to bring your landscape back to its normal beauty. 

Tree and Shrub Care

It may be temping to think that once a tree or shrub has been planted that it will thrive on its own, but this is not true. Trees and shrubs need food and care to look their best and to fight off disease and pests. Your local lawn service has experts who can recommend the best trimming for your trees to keep the branches and trunk free from pest infestation and disease that can kill them. 

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Seasonal Color and Mulch

Annual plants such as mums and pansies in the fall, and petunias and other blooming plants for spring and summer bring a pop of color to your landscape for each season. Perennials form the good bones of landscape color and texture since they return year after year to decorate your yard, but the annuals help your yard look appropriate to the season.

Mulch is the finishing touch, the thing that makes your landscape beds look crisp and clean. Mulch sets off the bright greens of your shrubs and keeps the moisture in the soil for them to flourish. 

Your local landscape professionals have a mix and match program of lawn services that can be arranged to suit your needs and your budget. With the equipment and resources to make any part of your Chagrin Falls, OH, landscape look amazing, these experts have been beautifying lawns since 1989. Their answer to your question of “Can you serve my landscape needs?” is “Yes, we can!”