4 Ways Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Space in Hudson, OH

We have all been wowed by a home with well-placed landscape lighting after sunset and considered enhancing our own landscape lighting plans. But landscape lighting won’t only bring beauty to your Hudson, OH, yard after dark; it can also improve its safety.

The Value of Landscape Lighting

4 Ways Landscape Lighting Can Improve Your Outdoor Living Space in Hudson, OH

Landscape lighting can make a certain portion of your nighttime landscape stand out from the rest. The naturally eye-catching parts of your yard that make your landscape especially pretty during the daytime are not visible once the sun sets, but that is when other parts of your landscape can have a moment to shine. Landscape lighting can also ensure your safety when you arrive home after dark by illuminating the spots where intruders might hide. Landscape lighting also adds immense curb appeal to your home and property. 

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Lighting for Accents

You may have never thought about how special the surface of your home’s exterior could look at night if strategically spotlighted, or the fact that a specimen tree that you love for its unique appearance could be illuminated so that it can be admired at night. In truth, any feature of your landscape can be enhanced by landscape lighting.  

Spotlights can illuminate a tree from below to bring into focus its huge trunk and drooping branches. A subtle wash of light can bring a special ambiance to the retaining wall that follows the line of your landscape. Your entire backyard can be alight with twinkling strings of lights. 

Lighting for Safety

The feeling of safety cannot be overstated when you arrive home after the sun sets. You want to feel secure pulling into your driveway and into the garage. Every home and landscape has dark corners that make you feel uneasy and well-placed landscape lighting can eliminate those dark areas. 

Your visitors will appreciate the ease with which they can locate your home after dark if your driveway, walkways, and entryway are all well-lit. Very few homes have the type of lighting that makes it easy to navigate from parking to the front door, but that can be remedied with thoughtful landscape lighting. Illuminating the steps and entryway improves the safety of those who visit you at night, especially your older friends and family. 

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How to Decide What Should Be Lighted

A design professional should begin with visiting your property to discuss the features of your landscape that you love the most. Think about whether you want to use your backyard for entertaining at night, or whether you want increased lighting around your side entry, or if you have a majestic tree that you want to showcase. These are the questions they should ask so that they can make suggestions that offer you exactly what you envision. 

They should ask about your budget. Experienced landscape lighting specialists are accustomed to tailoring a custom lighting plan to what you are comfortable spending and they frequently have excellent solutions that you might not have known existed. 

The lighting technicians will arrive with a detailed plan to bring the most important parts of your landscape alive with landscape lighting that is not only gorgeous, but also energy efficient.  

Their goal for your Hudson, OH, landscape is that during the day, no one will notice your lighting features, but at night, no one will be able to miss them.