Landscape Design Ideas for Small Spaces in Novelty, Ohio

An exquisite landscape design isn’t just for those homeowners with sprawling lawns. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised at how small spaces can be transformed into beautiful and lush landscapes. Adding the right types of foliage and color, utilizing vertical features, and creating focal points are landscape design ideas that can turn your small Novelty, OH, landscape into your most favorite place at home.

Strategically Place Decorative Foliage

Landscape Design Ideas for Small Spaces in Novelty, Ohio

Collectively, foliage can bring a landscape to life by adding texture, form, and contrast through the varied use of greenery. After the colorful blooms of flowers die off over the changing seasons—especially during colder months—foliage can continue to keep your landscape alive with a range of shades, from lime green to olive-colored leaves, as well as burnt amber, yellow, and orange foliage. Some leafy plants have broad round leaves, while others have spiky and striped leaves. And some foliage is thin and grassy and some foliage is rough and course like moss. Foliage also grows to different sizes and heights. When you combine a variety of foliage, you create a landscape canvas that is both bold and dramatic—effectively adding style and character to small spaces.

Bring in Vertical Features

When considering a landscape design for a small area, attention needs to turn to any available vertical space. Adding height to your landscape design will draw focus not only outward but upward and can make a small space appear much larger—maximizing your landscape. See what the landscape design would look like if you added varieties of trees, shrubbery, and foliage that will grow to taller heights. In very small spaces, dwarf species of trees and shrubbery could work very well.

Another thought is to use hardscape features, like a pergola or stone wall. Utilizing vines and other plants that will spread and grow up one of these vertical surfaces would bring the attention in your landscape upward. Consider a creeping plant along a stone wall or pergola—it could take your landscape to new heights.

Espalier is also a great way to landscape vertically. This is the process of training plants and trees to grow in patterns along a vertical service. An elegant example of this technique is to use a fence, border wall, house wall, or retaining wall. If your space does not have an existing surface to espalier, the use of a trellis could capture the same look.

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Add Focal Points

Bring attention to one area of your landscape by adding a water feature such as a wall fountain, small pond, or water garden. Water features add beauty and tranquility. The sound of trickling water is soothing and adds ambiance to small spaces. Water features also attract desirable wildlife such as birds and dragonflies. Certain species of fish can inhabit water gardens and small ponds and can add charm and life to a small space.

Consider incorporating a paver walkway to bring visitors right to this tranquil area of your landscape. A beautiful walkway and accompanying water feature would focus people’s attention on features to admire and dissipate any thoughts of the smallness of the space.

What matters is enjoying the space you have. Ensure that you have a designated place to relax and unwind—a well thought out landscape design will extend your home life outdoors.

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