Finding the Balance Between an Affordable Yet Professional Lawn Mowing Service in Hudson, OH

When your life is overwhelmed with tasks, it makes sense to look into a lawn care service that can offload at least one of your to-do items. If you’re contemplating affordable and professional lawn care service, look beyond the simple act of lawn mowing and consider all the services that go into properly caring for your for your Hudson, OH, landscape.

Summer Maintenance

Finding the Balance Between an Affordable Yet Professional Lawn Mowing Service in Hudson, OH

Summer maintenance means regular mowing and watering to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Trimming the edges of the grass for a clean line and blowing any grass clippings from the walkways and driveway is a must. In early summer and then again in late summer, many people like to fertilize the grass as the heat can take a toll on the nutrients that are available. However, fertilizer needs to be suited to your specific grass and the condition of the soil as too much fertilizer can burn your grass, while too little is not really feeding the roots.

If you love growing your own vegetables and flowers, then attending to the gardens is also a regular summer necessity. Weeding, watering, and feeding your vegetables and flowers keeps them growing strong until the end of the season.

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Fall Lawn Maintenance

When the summer wanes and fall is in the air, that is the perfect time to do a complete yard cleanup. Blowing leaves can sometimes require several rounds before all of the leaves have fallen, but in the meantime, there’s a need to remove the leaves that are covering your yard. After the heat of summer, fall is the ideal time to clean out the gutters before the cold weather arrives.

Raking the leaves and debris from the landscape beds and aerating the yard to plant new grass also falls under fall maintenance. Any branches that have grown too large or block the ease of mowing under the trees need to removed while an inspection is necessary for any damaged limbs that might need to be removed.

Spring Maintenance

Spring is the time for cleaning what winter has left behind. This can mean fallen limbs, leftover salt from ice and snow, and trimming or replacing shrubs that didn’t survive the weather well. Raking all of the old mulch to make way for the new mulch is part of the spring to-do list.

A critical component of spring lawn maintenance is fertilizing your landscape for healthy summer growth. Usually done twice in the spring, fertilizer is what is needed to stimulate root growth that transfers into green, thick blades for your lawn. Your lawn will need water around this time to allow the fertilizer to reach down into the ground where the roots are so that when the weather warms up, your grass is ready to green up and thrive.

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Lawn Mowing and Other Services

If you enjoy some parts of landscape maintenance but not others, seek a lawn maintenance company that allows you to pick and choose what works best for your unique landscape. You want a company that is easy to work with and provides custom lawn maintenance programs, unparalleled customer service, unmatched attention to detail and craftsmanship, and proven results. Look for a variety of services including weekly maintenance, lawn fertilization, tree removal, fall and spring cleanups, snow plowing, and even deicing.