Differences Between Amateur and Professional Lawn Mowing in Chagrin Falls, OH

An investment in your lawn is an investment in the value of your home. It needs to have a certain level of quality service for your Chagrin Falls, OH, landscape to thrive. Your lawn is the foundation to the many great things that occur on your landscape, whether that’s playing a game of catch, giving belly rubs to the dog, or having an outdoors yoga session. As you consider the importance of your lawn to your lifestyle, you’ll want to understand the difference between an amateur and professional lawn mowing service.

Expertise in Lawn Mowing

Differences Between Amateur and Professional Lawn Mowing in Chagrin Falls, OH

The right amount of expertise means that your lawn will get the proper cut it needs. Each type of turf is different. It grows differently, its density is different, and the blades of the grass are different. As such, every lawn requires its own lawn mowing plan. Sun exposure, moisture, and soil all play a key role in what type of turf you have, and that can affect the height of the lawnmower blade and the amount of time that’s allowed to lapse between mowing sessions. A professional will be able to properly determine what is best for your lawn. The difference could mean having brown, burnt, and bare-looking spots throughout your landscape. If this occurs too often, the grass could become scalped and will look depleted and weak. This could eventually leave room for disease, weeds, and insects to take over. Once this type of invasion occurs, your lawn may need to be patched and re-sodded to bring it back to life.

Just like blade height is important, so is knowing when to mow the lawn. Not mowing your lawn often enough can be just as damaging as cutting it too short. The general rule is to cut one-third of the blade of grass. While that seems relatively simple, it depends greatly on the rain and heat conditions. A professional landscaper knows exactly what your lawn needs.

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Safety and Liability

Another factor to consider when placing your turf’s care in the hands of another is to ensure that you are protected. An expert landscaper will have protection in place to protect their employees, as well as your lawn. An expert is also trained to adhere to federal safety guidelines by utilizing safety equipment and purchasing necessary insurance coverage in the unlikely event that an accident or property damage occurs.

Professionalism at Every Visit

Hiring professionals for your lawn mowing service will give you more confidence than hiring an amateur. For instance, you will know that they are able to meet the standard of care that they promise, they will show up when they say they will, their service will not interrupt your lifestyle, and they will leave your property tidy and clean. This also means that while your lawn is being mowed, the landscape team and their equipment will be up kept clean and orderly. 

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With professional lawn care service, you don’t have to worry about your lawn at all—its fertilizer needs and the level of care it requires are entrusted to the experts. All you have to do is enjoy it, whether that involves barefoot romps through your landscape or admiration from your kitchen window.