10 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Pepper Pike, OH, Landscape Design

Enhance the natural beauty of your Pepper Pike, OH, landscape by considering creative ways to incorporate natural stone. Here are 10 ways to use natural stone in your landscape design.

1. Water Features

Natural tones and moving water bring interest and function to any backyard.

●      A “babbling brook” effect can be achieved by creating a natural-looking fountain using artfully stacked large and small boulders.

●      Wild birds will flock to your yard if you provide them with a source of fresh water for drinking and bathing. The sound of moving water makes it easier for birds to find your fountain, and moving water also discourages mosquitoes from breeding in it.

●      A waterfall amplifies the sound of moving water. With some dramatic uplighting from behind the waterfall, you’ll have a stunning focal point for your landscape.

2. Outdoor Kitchen

10 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Pepper Pike, OH, Landscape Design

Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest trends in landscape design. Today, homeowners opt for fully functional kitchens complete with refrigerators, industrial-quality cooktops, and gorgeous cabinetry. As part of the kitchen’s décor, natural stone provides a sense of timeless elegance, permanence, and solidity. Another option is a low wall that extends from the kitchen to provide ample seating.

3. Bridges and Benches

A Japanese-style stone slab bridge creates a gorgeous focal point for a Zen garden. A stone garden bench enhances any corner of the yard and creates an intimate space for contemplation or relaxing.

4. Stone Art

Odd numbers and asymmetrical arrangements of boulders create visual interest in the landscape. Stacks of flat balanced stones could become a conversation piece. On a smaller scale, river rock or sea stones could offer an artfully arranged border to one of your hardscape features.

5. Walls

Low garden walls help define spaces to create distinct outdoor rooms. Natural stone retaining walls serve a double function: soil management and visual interest. Incorporate water features, built-in seating, planters, or low-voltage lighting into the walls for added drama and utility.

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6. Walkways

Sensuously curved walkways or stepping stones not only link spaces, they invite guests to slow down and meander through the landscape, providing a wonderful contrast to fast-paced modern life. Natural stone ages beautifully, and over the years will develop a patina that complements the surroundings.

7. Patios

Patios can be large or small, single- or multi-level, and there are few limits to creativity. Homeowners may choose to build a large patio that encompasses all of their outdoor activities, or create a series of smaller, more intimate patios that are activity-specific. Fire pits surrounded by built-in stone seating reduce the need for outdoor furniture and allow the space to be used year-round.

8. Gardens

Natural stone can be used in place of mulch for your garden to add visual interest. Look into creating a rock garden that features succulents and perennials for all-year beauty, or use stones around mature trees to provide a shady place to relax.

9. Steps

A thoughtfully placed arrangement of multiple natural stone steps forces walkers to look down and admire each stone’s beauty. Stone steps are an option for setting a path in your landscape or for beautifying a sloped lot. You could also go for glamour with a stunning natural stone staircase.

10. Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Fire pits and outdoor fireplaces are more than focal points. They provide warmth on chilly evenings, add ambience to any gathering, and even offer a place for a fun outdoor experience (yes, we’re talking about marshmallow roasting). Natural stone fire features blend beautifully into the landscape and add value to your home.